Contact information

Rådhusgata 23, 0158 Oslo, NORWAY
Phone: (+47) 22 98 97 40
Fax: (+47) 23 31 00 61


For Investment proposals, please send mail to: invest@adolfsengroup.no

Key People

Kristian A. Adolfsen
Kristian A. Adolfsen T: (+47) 22 98 97 40
Roger Adolfsen
Roger Adolfsen T: (+47) 22 98 97 40
John Ivar Busklein
John Ivar Busklein Project Director, Adolfsen Group T: (+47) 90 82 55 89
Tine Samsing
Tine Samsing Administrative Coordinator, Adolfsen Group T: (+47) 932 91 117
Kristoffer Lorck
Kristoffer Lorck CFO, Hospitality Invest AS T: (+47) 93 02 88 18
Silje Hellestad
Silje Hellestad Group Chief Accountant T: (+47) 901 46 916
Kari Sæther Karlsrud
Kari Sæther Karlsrud Accounting Manager T: (+47) 99 63 96 70
John Bjørnsen
John Bjørnsen Partner, Pioneer Investor T: (+47) 92 40 90 60
Tor Brekke
Tor Brekke CEO, Hero Group AS T: (+47) 40 01 23 24
Hilde Hammervold
Hilde Hammervold CEO, Norlandia Utvikling T: (+47) 90 06 64 11
Yngvar Tov Herbjørnsønn
Yngvar Tov Herbjørnsønn CEO, NHC Group T: (+47) 91 83 71 89
Morten A. Kahrs
Morten A. Kahrs CEO, Norlandia Hotel Group AS T: (+47) 98 22 25 64
Hilde Lekven
Hilde Lekven CEO, Advisory Group AS T: (+47) 95 28 25 91
Leif Terje Hansen
Leif Terje Hansen CEO, Ferda AS T: (+47) 41 60 17 54
Peder Stavnes-Karlsen
Peder Stavnes-Karlsen CEO, Miliarium AS T: (+47) 97 14 14 64
Johnny R. Sundal
Johnny R. Sundal CEO, Norlandia Eiendom AS T: (+47) 98 22 25 09
Per Tornè
Per Tornè CEO, Nordlandia Fastigheter AB T: (+46) 708 329 949
Trine Bakkeli
Trine Bakkeli CEO, Aberia AS T: (+47) 90 65 50 83
Svein Arild Steen-Mevold
Svein Arild Steen-Mevold CEO, Up North Hospitality AS T: (+47) 95 17 93 90

Dedicated entrepreneurial spirit and active ownership

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Building solid and sustainable businesses

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Long-term, flexible and value-creating partner

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Group Investments

The investment portfolio of the Adolfsen Group includes companies from various industries. The Group seeks to invest in companies and markets at an early stage where there is a potential for restructuring or strong underlying growth.

The Adolfsen brothers always seek to leverage on their experience when pursuing new opportunities. In later years, they have used their extensive experience from hotel operations to also pioneer and develop other personnel heavy sectors, such as staffing and care service industries.

Being a private investment group offers flexibility in terms of strategy and holding period. The Adolfsen Group intends to be a long-term and strategic owner in all its initiatives, building solid and sustainable businesses.
Investments are often made in partnerships with management, with long-term co-investors or with sector specialists.

As of today, all companies are headquartered in Norway but has a Nordic strategy.

About The Adolfsen Group

The Adolfsen Group is a group of companies in which Kristian Adolfsen and Roger Adolfsen are shareholders. The Group invests across a wide range of sectors, many of which having a link to its origins within hotel operations. As per 2022, main investment areas are:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Care Services
  • Staffing & Recruitment
  • Real Estate
  • Other

Kristian and Roger are dedicated entrepreneurs, thriving for creativity, profitable growth and operational excellence. The brothers seek to develop each company through active management support, financial support and with active involvement through board representation. The brothers grew up on Andøya in the north of Norway, and this is where they started their first hotel. The brothers’ heritage is an important part of their lives and influences much of their work. The Group’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

A key theme for the Adolfsen brothers has been to enter market segments from an early stage, taking a pioneering role in developing and growing towards more mature and stable markets. This entrepreneurial approach has created substantial and profitable underlying growth within the Adolfsen Group’s companies during recent years, resulting in current revenue generation of NOK 14 billion. The Group currently employs about 24,000 people, making it one of Norway’s largest private employers. All companies are headquartered in Norway, but has a Nordic strategy. The companies are owned through various investment companies, with Hospitality Invest being the largest within the Group.



NOK 14.0 billion

total revenues